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Acrylic Block / Ice Mount Prints

A selection of our most popular Acrylic Block / Ice Mount prints.

Ideal for desktops and benches, these blocks stand on any flat surface and are great gifts.

Acrylic blocks (Ice Mounts) give the print a 3 dimensional feel, with bold colours and definition.

Manufactured with 30 or 40mm plexiglass acrylic, professional papers and inks for enhanced detail, and a 0.6mm composite backing.

The size options are:-

  • 20x15x3cm (8x6in) - 1.04kg
  • 30x20x3cm (12x8in) - 2.08kg
  • 30x20x4cm (12x8in) - 2.77kg

Many images in our Photo Archive can also be ordered online as Acrylic Block prints.

We offer free shipping within Australia for print products.